Includes I2CPORT v2.0 adapter/programmer  w/EEProm

Win-I2CNT is a 32-bit PC-based software/adapter development tool for 100kb/s I²C and a cost-effective I²C EEprom Programmer.
This package includes flexible, general purpose I²C software with a user-friendly interface that runs on any WindowsTM 95, 98,
ME, 2000, NT4.x, and XP (now Vista*) OS..  The software includes support for over 45 dedicated I²C devices, user-defined I2C/SMBus
devices, custom user controls, ascii file output, and additional features,  Hex file support is included for EEprom programming.
Software updates provided via our website (instructions included in the Win-I2CNT kit).

The LPT port adapter (I2CPORTv2.0) was designed specifically for the software;  includes 3 different I²C header configurations,
on-board socketed 256byte I²C EEprom for easy EE programming;  and includes jumper selectable 5 or 3.3 volt capabilities to
accommodate I²C buses of either supply voltage. The adapter can be self powered from the PC parallel port or from the connected
I²C target system. The I²C connections are standard 4-pin 0.1" stake headers. An LED indicates power and communication activity.
Note:  Win-I2CNT software will also work with a previously purchased Win-I2CNTDLL adapter, and vice-versa, since the hardware
adapter is the same.

Supported I2C Devices

Win-I2CNT Kit Contents:
- Win-I2CNT software/documentation on CD
- I2CPortv2.0 adapter (shown above)
- QuickStart Guide installation sheet
   Note: I2C cable is not included

Please note that Win-NT software is not designed for use with other generic I2C printer port adapters
(such as the  "I2CPort" $49.00  generic adapter).
Only the I2Cportv2.0 adapter series that is bundled with the software will work properly with the Win-I2CNT software.
(However, our I2Cportv2.0 will work with other generic I2C parallel port software programs).
Note: I2CPort hardware adapter non-RoHS compliant.

We are now shipping Win-I2CNT v4.8
* New: Win-I2CNT v5 update supports Win-XP and Vista 32 and 64 bit operating systems!
Win-I2CNT Update Information  (Software updates are available for existing licensed Win-I2CNT users)
Software License Agreement

Win-I2CNT   FAQ / Documentation  Page

ORDERING Information Win-I2CNT $149.00* USD (Additional charge for USPS Priority Mail Shipping)
                                                                                       *Plus California sales tax, if applicable

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Dec 7, 2008