Ordering Information

       Please check ordering leadtime/inventory status before placing your order.
       We accept domestic Purchase Orders* for USA billing and International POs upon prior approval.
       COD orders are not accepted.
       - All orders are subject to terms of our License Agreement
       - Note: USPS Global Priority Mail is not recommended for International shipment destinations; please provide your shipping account**.
           **FedEx, UPS, or DHL shipments require your shipping account number (no additional fees).       
         If your USA order is extremely urgent and you are ordering
  with a credit card, please contact  Anchor Electronics for product availability.

       Please see ordering details below for specific USA and International ordering information.
       If you have additional questions about ordering, then please email us:  <Sales@Demoboard.com>

         Ordering Details:

         1)  Review Product Information and Pricing
       2)  Check  Current Leadtime Status
       3a) Order from us with Purchase Order via Email or Fax

         Online Orders - We are transitioning to a new system, and not accepting Credit Card orders at this time.
         In the meantime, please order from one of our resellers below.
         Apologize for the inconvenience.

      Ordering information for domestic customers within the USA - Click here
     Ordering information for international customers outside the USA - Click here 

      3b) Order from our Resellers:

   Anchor Electronics  (Santa Clara, California)    Phone: 408-727-3693
  Anchor Electronics offers walk-in convenience, phone / credit card orders, and UPS Shipping.  

(Note- Anchor Electronics generally does not accept Purchase Orders)

    Hong Kong / China:
     Delta United Instrument Co., Ltd.
Contact: sam@deltaunited.cn

    Delta United Instrument Co., Ltd.
    Contact: sales@deltaunited.com.tw

   Tateno Dennou, Inc.
   Contact:  sales@dsp-tdi.com


  Thank You for your business!

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   Sep 20, 2015