Leadtime Information

           As of:  Sept. 15, 2015

            Current product availability/leadtime:

          Win-I2CUSBDLL   Available (shipping Win-I2CUSB v3.1 hardware adapter with v5.2.2.0 software)
          Win-I2CNTDLL     Very limited availability - (legacy parallel-port adapter configuration)
          Win-I2CNT            Very limited availability(legacy parallel-port adapter configuration)
          I2C2002-1Akit       Very limited availability -  (Note: Win-I2CNT / Legacy Parallel-port adapter configuration support only)
          I2CPortv1.0           Discontinued - No replenishment date
          I2C-Trace              Discontinued - No replacement plans at this time
          28SSOP25             Discontinued - No replenishment date
          SMD0805_Kit1     Discontinued - No replenishment date

     For availability on orders of 5 or more units, please Email us at: sales@demoboard.com

     Order leadtime

     General order processing leadtime is 4-7 days ARO; shipment confirmations sent via Email.

     For urgent USA credit card phone orders requiring same-day rushed overnight shipping,
     please contact our reseller for ordering options: Anchor Electronics    (408) 727-3693
For urgend International resellers, please see our Ordering Information page.

     For other ordering questions, please email us at: sales@demoboard.com

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