I2C Products 

WIN-I2CUSBDLL : USB-Based  I2C Software/Adapter kit for Win-XP/Vista/7
     GUI Developer's kit for 400kb/s I2C with new USB-based adapter
     (Includes upgraded software GUI similar to "Win-I2CNT")

     Released (Availability)                                              $259.00

WIN-I2CNTDLL : 32-bit Win-I2CNT kit including DLL driver and docs
     GUI Developer's Kit for 100kb/s  I2C software applications (includes Win-I2CNT software)
     New v5 supports XP/Vista 32 and 64-bit operating systems
     Released (Availability)                                              $229.00

WIN-I2CNT : 32-bit I2C Software/Adapter kit for Win 95/98/ME/2000/NT4/XP
     Windows application software and parallel port adapter for flexible 100kb/s  I2C device control.
     New v5 supports XP/Vista 32 and 64-bit operating systems
     Released (Availability)                                             $149.00

I2C 2002-1Akit :   NXP (Philips) Evaluation Board + Win-I2CNT kit
     Win-I2CNT (parallel-port) kit bundled with Philips  I2C bus evaluation board (A-version)
    Released (Availability)                                            $199.00

        Discontinued Products 

28SSOP25 :  SMD  IC Prototyping Boards (4-pack)
    Convenient SO/SSOP/TSSOP IC prototyping boards with 0805 bypass/strapping options
    No Stock (Discontinued)  

SMD0805_Kit1 :  SMD 0805 Passive Components Assortment Kit
    Handy assortment of 0805 passive components;   Includes convenient storage box
    No Stock (Discontinued) 

I2C-Trace : I2C Bus Tracer Kit
     I2C Monitor captures and displays I2C bus messages on any PC via serial port
     No Stock (Discontinued)                                        

I2CPORT (v1.0) : General Purpose I2C LPT Printer Port Adapter
    Generic I2C adapter: (Not compatible with our Win-I2C/Win-I2CNT/Win-I2CNTDLL Software)
    No Stock (discontinued)                                         

  Feb 20, 2011