I2CPort (v1.0) 
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General purpose universal PC parallel printer port-to-I²C serial interface adapter. This board has jumper-selectable 5 volt
or 3.3 volt capabilities for I²C devices with either supply voltage.  This legacy adapter is intended for development of I²C
IC's using general-purpose Windows or DOS based I²C control software tools from Philips Semiconductors or other I²C
device manufacturers that use this generic I²C printer port adapter configuration.
I2CPort v1.0 schematic (jpg)
The I2CPORT v1.0 adapter is electrically similar and compatible to the obsolete Philips I²C OM4777 adapter.

Please note that the generic I2CPort v1.0  adapter is  NOT compatible  with our Win-I2C/NT/NTDLL software kits.
Do not order this adapter for intended  use with Win-I2C, Win-I2CNT or Win-I2CNTDLL...
It won't work with the software!

I2CPort Contents:
- I2CPortv1.0 adapter (shown above)
- Printed schematic diagram

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Please Email us your needs for the I2CPortv1.0 generic I2C adapter

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Sept 1, 2006