Philips I2C 2002-1A  Evaluation Board                                                 I2CPORTv2.0 printer port adapter

I2C2002-1Akit is a special bundled kit consisting of the Win-I2CNT software and the  I2C 2002-1A Evaluation Board from
NXP (Philips) Semiconductors that enables easy programming and evaluation of the included PCA95xx  I2C devices.

The complete kit includes the new I2C2002-1A Evaluation Board, I2CPortv2.0, Win-I2CNT software, USB cable adapter card
for demonstrating I2C buffer capabilities (USB cable only used for connector convenience, not for USB connectivity),  4-wire
I2C cable and a universal mains(100-240v AC) power supply.  Note: European AC plug adapters are not included.

Win-I2CNT v4 version runs on WindowsTM 95, 98, ME, NT4.x, 2000, and XP PC platforms and includes dedicated
support for over 45 NXP (Philips)  Semiconductors' I2C devices, user-defined I2C/SMBus devices, custom user controls, ascii file
output, and hex file support for I2C EEProm programming.

The I2C 2002-1A Evaluation Board demonstrates the capabilities of the following devices:  PCA9501, PCF8574, PCA9561,
PCA9543, PCA9554/5, PCA9550/1, PCF8582, PCA9515, and P82B96.  NXP documentation and Application Notes for
the Evaluation Board and ICs is included on the CD with the Win-I2CNT software.

The printer port adapter (I2CPORTv2.0) was designed specifically for Win-I2CNT and  includes 3 different I2C header
configurations, on-board socketed 256byte I2C EEprom (PCF8582) for easy EE programming; and jumper selectable
5 or 3.3 volt capabilities to accommodate I2C busses of either supply voltage.

I2C2002-1A Kit Contents:
- Win-I2CNT software/documentation/Philips Evaluation Board appnotes on CD
- I2C2002-1A Philips Evaluation Board
- I2CPortv2.0 adapter (for Win-I2CNT)
- 4-Pin I2C ribbon cable
- P82B96 adapter card (I2C bus buffer IC)
- Universal AC input wall-plug 9v DCswitching power supply
- QuickStart Guide installation sheet

I2C Devices  supported in Win-I2CNT

Documentation updates are available from the NXP website:

I2C2005-1 Evaluation board application note:

Please note that Win-NT software is not designed for use with other generic I2C printer port adapters  (such as our "I2CPort" $49  generic adapter).
Only the I2Cport2.0 adapter series that is bundled with the software will work properly with the Win-I2CNT software.
The Win-I2CNT adapters will
also work with the Win-I2CNTDLL kit.  
Note: I2CPort hardware adapter and included hardware non-RoHS compliant.

Includes Win-I2CNT v4.8 software (current version)

Win-I2CNT Update Information  ( updates available for download for existing Win-I2CNT customers)
Software License Agreement

I2C2002-1Akit   FAQ & Documentation

ORDERING Information  I2C2002-1Akit         $199.00*  USD  (Additional charge for USPS Priority Mail Shipping)
                                                                                                     *Plus California sales tax, if applicable

Link to NXP Semiconductors' webpage  information
FAQ/Documentation for earlier version (obsolete) I2C2002-1kit

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Nov 1, 2007