I2C-Trace GUI Software v1.3

This software provides a Windows GUI (Win98-XP) and supports the operational
features or the I2C-Trace (start/stop and message filtering capabilities).

Version v1.3.1 replaces the original v1.0 and v1.1  I2C-Trace software:
- Corrects font-display problem reported in some Win-XP environments
- "Save-As" function implemented to save captured data to text file

Download  I2C-Trace v1.3.1 update  (executable program ~300k file).
Replace existing <I2CTrace.exe> file or launch the application from any HDD location.

Download  I2C-Trace v1.3.1 CD installer  (zip archive ~3500k file).
Unzip and burn to CD-R media to create new I2C-Trace v1.3 install CD.

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Dec 10, 2005