Package of 4 SMD IC Prototyping Boards 

The 28SSOP25 board is the easy solution for prototyping
surface-mount  ICs in SO, SSOP, and TSSOP packages:
* Supports  8-14 pin standard SO (0.050") pkg  footprints
* Supports SSOP/TSSOP IC packages from 6-28 pins
* Long 25.6 mil pitch pads for flexibility.
* Every pin can be pulled up/down or bypassed using 0805 SMD passives
* Six VCC/GND bypass locations (0805 SMD pads)
* Standard 0.1" plated through holes  for every pin (~14/16"/ 23mm width)
* Double-sided FR-4 PCB with ground shield on passives side
* Approximate dimensions of each 28SSOP25 PCB: 42mm x 55mm

The 28SSOP25_Brds package includes the following:
- Four 28SSOP25 boards with convenient scribe lines for separation
   Your cost is $4.75 / each, not including shipping  (or tax, if CA).

         IC Side              Passives Side

     Click picture for Larger Image/Dimensions
   Click Here to see the Four included Boards

        Passives Side Layout                       IC Side Layout


ORDERING Information    28SSOP25_Brds      $19.00**
** Additional charge for Priority Mail shipping (Plus California sales tax, if applicable)

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